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March 04, 2008



I just wanted to say how much I love reading these stories - I really feel that I can be a little part of their day to day lives. So, thanks for the blog.

This entry reminded me a little bit of stories I've heard about me and Marsha from when I was really little. I didn't speak until I was three, but I've been told that Marsha spoke for me - she somehow knew what I wanted, and interpreted for me.

Israel Family

I see the same thing with Ari and Maddy. It truly is amazing. He just crawls over and hugs her a lot. She definitely cracks him up - also esp in the high chair. He also has a bad case of "monkey see monkey do!"

Nate and Jonah's Mother

Isn't it the greatest thing ever? It just kills me. I tell them all the time that they are best friends and that they are going to be each other's best men. Let's hope it lasts!

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