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January 31, 2007


Heather K

I not only needed the hat today but wished for the whole face ski mask. It hurt out this morning.


Everytime I put on Yelena's mittens she lets out a low grunt, like an dog who's about to be pushed too far. I can never get her thumbs in the proper place either, which doesn't help.


The approach I've always taken with Sawyer is that if she refuses to wear a hat or gloves, I just take her outside without them, let her feel the cold for a minute, and then ask if she wants her hat and gloves. The answer always becomes yes!


Rafi's "gloves" are entirely fingerless, including no thumbs, so I can wrestle them onto him if need be with no ill effects.

And I DO take Rafi outside without them - which seems to have no effect on him until we hit single digits. Interestingly, he'll ask for his hat if he sees it is actually snowing, but will nto wear it under any other circumstance. And even if I get hat/gloves on him, he takes them off at the earliest possible opportunity.

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