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December 12, 2005


Aunt Sue

I can't wait to see him! (And his wonderful parents, of course.) I hope he feels comfortable with us, but we'll do our best to ease his anxiety. Lots of clapping and hugs and love....


Anna's mommy taught you sneezing things off your head? I thought that was my trick. Oh well.


It may be, and Anna's mommy taught it to me while sitting on your living room floor, so you are quite entitled to take at least partial credit.

Eric & Suzette Kossoff

Impressive blog, thanks for the link in your Hanukkah card! As a pediatrician-of-sorts, I'll have to advise you that Rafi needs to gain some weight and appears depressed. Rafi will need to come to DC/Baltimore soon to join the Kossoff/Somer-Greif kinderlach club activities!

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