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November 30, 2004



Love the blog - love the FAQs. Looking forward to reading all about Baby Z!!!!!
Benjamin is going to link to you.


Hooray! Sawyer and her parents expect to be spending a great deal of time here hanging out with Baby Z.


Can't wait to read all about -- and see pictures of -- Baby Z!


Welcome to the neighborhood :)


So are you going to get the cool 3D ultra sound photos that Ilana got?


Nope - we don't really have access to that.


Do you plan to change the name of the blog once Baby Z has been properly named and welcomed into the covenant, and we've all eaten something? (Attending those events is hungry work.)

Or will he be Baby Zurishaddai in perpetuity? :)


We will change it to his name once he has one. Oddly, we haven't discussed if we're waiting for bagel and lox consumption to announce the name, so I'm not sure when the blog will be renamed. It will, however, be shortly after the announcement, whenever that is.

Linda 020202

This is a wonderful idea. I'm so glad to have a chance to keep in touch with Z's progress. And with Marsha of course, in third person. LOL


Can you please make a request that Baby Z (aka Rico Suave) arrives at a time that is NOT 8 days before a snowstorm? Love seeing the photos Marsh and Bri!


Reading this welcome page has answered my questions! Thank you.

& Baby Z
make 3

Enjoy this time!

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